Fund managers from Hong Kong inspected the Guangzhou White Horse Apparel Market

    In the afternoon on 9 May 2012, the Lim Advisors inspection delegation comprising three members from Hong Kong visited and inspected the Guangzhou White Horse Apparel Market and conducted discussions and exchanges with the relevant staff of our Company.
    The inspection of Lim Advisors Company would be focused on the operating condition of the Yuexiu REIT project. The inspection delegation expressed their concern over the hardware facilities and tenant management in the White Horse Market, including the upgrading and reconstruction of the atrium on the 1st floor, the brand upgrade project on the 3rd floor, the tenant mix and on-site management services, and highly praised and recognized White Horse Building for being a leading apparel wholesale market in China and the initiatives taken in maintaining the competitiveness of the project through hardware transformation, operation innovation, tenant mix optimization.

The inspection delegation of Lim Advisors inspected the White Horse Apparel Market