Description of Properties

    The Property portfolio of Yuexiu REIT comprises eight high quality properties, namely White Horse Building, Fortune Plaza, City Development Plaza, Victory Plaza , Neo Metropolis, GZIFC, Yue Xiu Tower, Wuhan Properties. The overview of the Properties is as follows:
PropertyTypeLocationYear of completionArea of ownership
(sq. m.)
Total rentable area
(sq. m.)
Occupancy rate(1)Description
White Horse BuildingWholesale mallGuangzhou Yuexiu district199050,199.350,128.9 100%View
Fortune PlazaGrade A officeGuangzhou Tianhe district200341,355.241,355.2 99.6%View
City Development PlazaGrade A officeGuangzhou Tianhe district199742,397.442,397.4 95.4%View
Victory PlazaRetail shopping centerGuangzhou Tianhe district200327,698.127,262.3 100%View
Neo MetropolisCommercial complexGuangzhou Yuexiu district200761,960.049,887.3(2) 98.9%(2)View
Guangzhou IFCCommercial complexGuangzhou Tianhe district2010457,356.8230,266.9(3) 97.7%(3)View
Including:Grade A Office267,804.4183,539.6(3) 97.8%(3)
Retail shopping mall46,989.246,727.3 97.5%
Hotel91,460.9(4)N/A N/A
Serviced apartments51,102.3N/A N/A
Yue Xiu TowerCommercial complexShanghai Pudong New District201062,139.446,026.3(5) 95.1%View
Wuhan PropertiesCommercial complexWuhan Qiaokou District248,194.2172,993.3 68.0%View
Including:Grade A Office2016139,937.1129,446.7(6) 59.4%
Retail shopping mall201545,471.443,546.6(7) 93.7%
Commercial parking space2015-201647,182.9N/A N/A
Residential parking space2014-201615,602.8N/A N/A
Total:991,300.4660,317.6 90.1%
(1) As at 30 June 2018;
(2) Excluding 7,544.7 sq.m. of parking space and 4,528.0 sq.m. of clubhouse and common facilities area;
(3) Excluding 76,512.3 sq.m. of parking space area and other facilities area;
(4) Including 2,262.0 sq.m. of hotel ancillary facilities and refuge floor area;
(5) Excluding 13,502.6 sq.m. of parking space and 2,610.4 sq.m. of specific purpose area (management office, owners’ committee office, bicycle parking space and refuge floor);
(6) Excluding 10,490.3 sq.m. of common facilities area and refuge floor area;
(7) Excluding 1,924.8 sq.m. of common facilities area.